Best Lebanese Food You Should Try Today [Top 10 List]

Lebanese Food

When you visit a country, one of the most important things to do is to taste their foods. By doing so, you will know some of the backgrounds that they have. As the saying goes, “we are what we eat”, therefore food could reflect the qualities of the person. In the case of Lebanon, there are a lot of cuisines that you could try once you visit their country.

Here is a little bit of their background. Lebanon is a small country compared to others, it is located in the Middle East and admired by a lot of people because of the culture. From the past, many civilizations gathered in this country, because of the ample resources that it could offer that is necessary for people to survive. As a melting pot, Lebanese has developed their cooking skills on the ages.

Most of their food use olive oil to cook, they do not want saturated fats to avoid cardiovascular diseases. They are rich in ingredients, so don’t be amazed when you find garlic, parsley or bulgur in their foods. When you’re visiting Lebanon, just search from your smartphone “best Lebanese Food near me“.

Best Lebanese Food You Should Try Today


Once you visit Lebanon, you should taste Baklava as a famous Lebanese food (desert) in the country. Baklava is a sweet pastry made of filo that has a lot of chopped nuts. It serves with a honey and a syrup to put sweetness. It is a heavy pastry similar to that on a cake in the west. Nuts are the primary toppings that add crunchiness when being eaten. The process of creation is almost the same as making a cake as it is baked at 180 Celsius in a span of thirty minutes. The syrup could have different flavors such as honey or rosewater.


Kunafeh is another delicious delicacy that would make your mouth watered. This is a traditional Arabic dessert famous in countries in the Middle East like Lebanon. This is a string of pasty that has a syrup, it uses Nabulsi or white brine-cheese as the main component. The Kunafeh has different styles depending on the location. In Lebanon, it is topped with pistachios and has a sugar syrup, the amount of the syrup depends on the eater so he or she could control the volume of sweetness.


If you are not fun of sweets or pastry, then this might make you mouth-watered. Kofta is like a meatball in the west. It is made usually from the mince of ground meat of animals. It might be chicken, lamb, beef, pork, and other livestock. The difference of this to meatballs is that it is filled with other ingredients like an onion. It serves differently depending on the country. In India for instance, it is served with a curry, but in Lebanon, it is usually grilled and eat like a barbecue. Muslims do not eat pork, so most are made with lambs or beef.


You might hear Shawarma from your neighborhood Indian restaurant, but Shawarma is also famous in Lebanon. It is meat shaved off from beef and it is served inside a pita bread that has lots of vegetables. Some people prefer eating Shawarma with tahini sauce that adds additional flavor.


This is best for you if you are not fun of meat. Fattoush is a Lebanese type of salad that is made from fried or toasted khubz, an Arabic flatbread. It is combined with a lot of vegetables such as radishes and tomatoes. The vegetables could vary depending on the person’s preferences or on the season. Some vegetables are not available on a particular season of the year.

22nd Annual Lebanese Food Festival: October 5, 6, 7th , 2018


Tabbouleh is another type of salad that you should try. This is similar with some salads being served in your favorite restaurant, it contains different sets of vegetables like bulgur, onions, tomatoes, and parsley. The flavoring of this salad is olive oil, lemon juice, and salt that would definitely satisfy your mouth.


If you are a fan of snack, this might complete your snack sessions and a good substitute to doughnuts or bread. Falafel is a ball deep dried in oil. It could be made from chickpeas or fava beans. Sometimes, Falafel makers combine them to have the more delicious taste. Commonly served in a pita that acts as a bag. This is good to eat while still hot, pizza might just be replaced in your top list.


Talking about pizza, here is a counterpart of pizza in Lebanon. They call it Manakeesh, it is made of dough and baked in the oven. The toppings could vary depending on the baker. It can be meat, cheese, zatar or kishik. Same with pizza, you would see tomatoes attach into it, not just that cucumbers, olives, and mint leaves could also attach to it. You might now know if someday, there would also be a Manakeesh with pineapple bits.

9.Kibbe Nayeh

Are you fun of those foods that are not cooked? Yes, you are right! Kibbe Nayeh is a raw meat of either beef or lamb. You might compare it to Japanese counterpart “Sushi” or the Philippines “kinilaw”. It is served with bulgur, pureed onion and different spices that adds up to the taste. You should be careful in eating this food, you should ensure that the quality of meat is good as it might cause disease. It is eaten with pita bread and some fresh vegetables.

10.Shish Taouk

Are your fun of grilling? Or barbecue parties? This might be the food that you are looking for! The spices of this food are unique as it is hard to find a food that has the same taste with it. When you want to create Shish Taouk, you should marinate the meat overnight in a lemon juice, garlic, paprika, yogurt, and tomato paste. It can be served in a plate or insert in a pita bread. It is best with garlic sauce on the side!

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